breast_cancer_ribbonBe Informed!  Be Proactive! 


Cancer is a disease in which cells become abnormal and form more cells in an uncontrolled way. With breast cancer, the cancer begins in the tissues that make up the breasts.  The cancer cells may form a mass called a tumor.   Getting a mammogram (x-ray of the breast) can help find the cancer early.

This is one of the methods to the path of early detection which .  Obtaining regular mammograms, clinical breast exams and performing self-exams can help to detect breast cancer early and treatment options can be explored in the early stages which increases survival rates.

African-American women are more likely than all other women to die from breast cancer.  This is often because once treatment is sought the cancer is at advanced stages due to lack of access to adequate health care,  not following up after abnormal breast cancer test results or other reasons.

All women should be proactive and preventive by obtaining regular screening exams to detect any signs of breast cancer early.  Even those without adequate health insurance may have access to free mammograms.  Local programs may be available to provide access or you can contact:  NBCCEDP for possible programs where you live.


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